[Pdx-pm] Fwd: Free Geek 10th anniversary

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Thu Sep 16 18:59:24 PDT 2010

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Subject: message to perlmongers list?
Date: Thursday 16 September 2010 18:19
From: Alison Briggs <ali at freegeek.org>

Hello Perlmongers!

This is Ali Briggs over at Free Geek.  We're celebrating our 10th
anniversary this year and I want to invite every member of the Portland
Perlmongers group, as all of you are a part of the Free Geek community.
Would you please send this email out to your list?  And feel free to
send it anywhere else you'd like, too.

thank you!

Free Geek turns 10 years old this year!  We're throwing one helluva
party on October 2nd to celebrate this momentous occasion, complete
 with a Junk to Funk trashion show and live music.  More information
 about the geeky festivities can be found here:

Hope to see you there!
~Ali Briggs
 Reuse Program Coordinator, Free Geek
 ali at freegeek.org


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