[Pdx-pm] seeking pdx hospitality

DK Smith dks at mediaweb.com
Thu May 13 00:01:44 PDT 2010

Dear PDX PM list.... (i.e. Howdy!)

If anybody in Portland has the room or space, I am seeking a  
hospitable space to crash for 2 (or 3) nights while visiting Portland.  
My plan is to be in Portland at the end of the month, for an interview/ 
appointment on May 28.

Inquiring here seems like a more interesting way to visit Portland: to  
establish some cool relationships, enjoy the community of like-minded  
techno-geeks, and avoid paying too much money to a faceless corporate  
entity for use of a bed and shower. I am happy to compensate you and  
your homestead with a nominal per diem for the space & resources, for  
sure! :)

I currently work (in the VMware ecosystem) in the SF Bay Area  
(Peninsula/South Bay). I have a couple of friends in the "Greater  
Perl" community who know me. Oh, probably a few people may know David  
Fetter. He knows me. Anyway, pls contact me offlist so that I do not  
pollute the list with a thread.

And Thanks!

DK Smith

PS: and hopefully we can sample the best Northwest IPAs that Portland  
has to offer! And if you want to accompany me on a trip to Bend, you  
are more than welcome. I must visit the Deschutes Brewing Company if I  
am within 180 miles of it. LOL.

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