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Subject: June PLUG AT Meeting: Perl 5 & 6 Gems
From: Michael Dexter

                            MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT

                       The Portland Linux/Unix Group
                                 will meet
                       7 PM Wednesday June 16th, 2010
                            Roots Organic Brewery
                                   in the
                  Big room behind the "Employees Only" sign

 1520 Southeast 7th Avenue - Just South of Hawthorne - (503) 235-7668



            Perl 5 & 6:  What you've missed in the last $n years.


                         Eric Wilhelm and Paul Fenwick


We are honored to have local Perl expert and OSCON presenter Eric
Wilhelm and visiting OSCON keynote presenter Paul Fenwick talk aobut
gems you may have been missing in Perl 5 and 6.

Eric will present an overview of the Perl 6 project, a snapshot of
recent development, how to install Rakudo Perl 6, and samples of what
you can  do with Rakudo Perl 6 now.

Paul writes: Awesome things have been happening in Perl recently; so
many that even if you've been paying close attention, you may have
missed a few. In this talk we'll examine some of the coolest recent
technologies for Perl programmers, including:

* Overhauling Perl's Object Oriented framework with Moose.

* Making everything a first-class object with autobox.

* Slashing your error handling code with autodie.

* Building fast, readable and reusable regular expressions with Perl

* Bundling and building stand-alone applications using PAR, the Perl

* Astonishingly good profiling with Devel::NYTProf.

* Playing MineSweeper automatically with App::SweeperBot.

Thank you Brian Martin for coordinating this event while Michael is out
of town.
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