[Pdx-pm] visiting SCALE in LA and introducing PEG in Portland

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 12:57:50 PST 2010


some of you might have already read about the initiative of
Renee Baecker and myself called Perl Ecosystem Group[1].

In short, we are trying to engage the companies using Perl,
understanding what they are missing from the Perl world,
(so far it was mostly more developers), raising money from them,
promoting Perl and channeling some funds to the Perl community.

I am thinking of visiting SCALE in February and using this opportunity
to visit the "near-by"[2] cities with Perl Mongers but I need your
help for this.

Such visit would be a lot more useful if I can
1) introduce the Perl Ecosystem Group and the TPF events group
   to the local Perl Mongers (e.g. having an regular meeting) where,
   along the other presentations I could talk a few minutes about
   the initiative.

   That would provide an opportunity for people to discuss what we are
   trying to do and see how that can work with the local Perl Mongers.

2) Have meetings at a few Perl using companies in the area.
    I had such meeting in Vienna last April and two of the companies I
    met there are already member of PEG. Others remained interested.
    I think it is important to have such face to face meetings.

The former can be at any non-formal place such as you usual meeting
place or at a pub or whatever you like.

For the latter I'd need your help in building up contacts with managers
(e.g. CTOs, VP RnDs ) of the companies where you work. I'd be glad to
accept any help there.

Please send me e-mail on or off list regarding which companies you
might be able to get me introduced.

[1] Perl Ecosystem Group       http://perl-ecosystem.org/
[2] coming from Israel, the whole West Coast of US is near-by to LA :)

Gabor Szabo

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