[Pdx-pm] Bad news, but some good news buried there

Ingy dot Net ingy at ingy.net
Thu Dec 9 16:48:53 PST 2010

I'm confused. What's the bad news?

Is it that some Perl was replaced with some Python?

People, these languages are two members of the same family. Like brother and
sister. I program in both almost every day. Sometimes on projects that use
both together. The secret to good modern programming is finding good
components and also good people. Perl and Python are rife with both.

Going from open to closed is bad news. Nothing bad to see here. Move

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 11:59 AM, Kyle Dawkins <kyle at idealist.org> wrote:

> Hey PDX perl folks
> Just a quick note to shed a tear over the platform switch that just
> occurred here at Idealist.org.
> Since 1995, we (a small non-profit) ran a large, 100% mod_perl-based
> website (100K unique users per day, 1.2m registered users, millions of page
> views per week).   Over the past decade or so, we developed a very large web
> framework, its own custom-written ORM, some cool i18n functionality, clever
> cascading caching systems, etc.
> The bad news is that on Sunday, we switched over to 100% Python-based
> system built from the ground up on newer tools (like the excellent
> SqlAlchemy), and running on a whole lot more servers.  The team of Python
> programmers who built it are a super talented bunch of peeps and they
> deserve great credit for their work, even though it's in Python! :)
> The good news is that the Perl backend of the old site has been retired,
> and I've been given permission to open source all of the framework code.
>  Not really a huge consolation, I know, but maybe there's something useful
> in there to someone!  I am thinking maybe not, but you never know; there's a
> huge amount of good stuff in there... after all, it's served over a billion
> pages from a relatively small server setup.
> At some point in the very near future, when I get a second, I'll put it up
> on github.
> Cheers
> Kyle
> kyle at idealist.org
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