[Pdx-pm] September Meeting in less than two weeks

Seven till Seven enobacon at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 21:33:57 PDT 2010

  Wed. September 8th, 6:53pm at FreeGeek -- 1731 SE 10th Ave.

          Modern Perl / Test::Builder2
           chromatic and Michael Schwern 

 This meeting will be two shorter presentations back-to-back. The Modern 
Perl talk is broadly targetted at beginners and everyday general usage 
concepts while the Test::Builder 2 talk will delve much deeper into 
particular details of Perl's testing system.

      chromatic on Modern Perl

Perl masters talk about strange subjects such as whipupitude, 
manipulexity, context, lexicals, and linguistic principles. It may seem 
that you must be a wizard to apply these notions to your code and 
dexterously wield Perl's essential strengths. In truth, these ideas and 
idioms are deceptively simple: you use them every day when you read or 
write plain English. 

Demystifying the linguistic concepts in Perl opens up the doors of Perl 
mastery. Come learn the philosophy behind Perl's design in order to 
understand Perl and how to use its unique isms to improve your code. 

      Schwern on Test::Builder2

Test::Builder is what most Test modules are written with these days. It 
lets them quietly coordinate with each other and frees the authors from 
having to worry about the details. It was written in 2001 and in that 
decade there's been an explosion of testing modules. 

A decade later, Test::Builder is starting to show its age and 
limitations. Its assumptions and biases are restraining the Perl 
testing community. Perl has moved on, too. When Test::Builder was 
written, testing was still a "new" thing. Now it's a given. We have a 
real object system now and a sophisticated community to take advantage. 

Enter Test::Builder2. A total rewrite of Test::Builder to remove its 
biases and let test authors do whatever they can dream up while still 
being the solid iron core of Perl testing and remaining compatible with 
Test::Builder. It takes advantage of things like Mouse (that's a small 
Moose), method wrappers and roles. Counter-intuitively, it does less 
than Test::Builder does while providing more opportunities. 

Schwern has a grant for Test::Builder2 from the Perl Foundation and if 
he doesn't release something by October they'll break his legs. So he's 
hoping to generate some contributors by showing off the design and 

As always, the meeting will be followed by social hour at the Lucky Lab.


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