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> Hi all,
> The early-bird registration deadline (March 31st) is fast approaching.
> User group members can get an extra $25 off of the early-bird rate by
> using the discount code “osb4228”.  This will be an awesome 3-day
> conference at even $250, but you get it for $150!
> The Call for Proposals is still open.  Many of you have something
> interesting to talk about, so do it.
> More info below.
> --Eric
> --------
> Open Source Bridge
> http://opensourcebridge.org
> Open Source Bridge is a new conference for developers working with
> open source technologies. It will take place June 17-19 in Portland,
> OR, with five tracks connecting people across projects, languages and
> experience to explore how we do our work and why we participate in
> open source. The conference structure is designed to provide
> developers with an opportunity to learn from people they might not
> connect with at other events.
> Open Source Bridge is run entirely by volunteers who believe in the
> need for an open source conference that focuses on the culture of
> being an open source citizen, regardless of where in the stack you
> choose to code. All proceeds from conference registration and
> sponsorship go directly to the costs of the conference.
> Our sessions and events will share in-depth knowledge about using,
> creating and contributing to open source as citizens of a greater
> community. You’ll find relevant information whether you write web apps
> for the cloud, tinker with operating system internals, create
> hardware, run a startup, or blog about technology.
> We’re still seeking session proposals, so submit yours by the end of
> March 31st.
> Some examples of our proposals so far: Brian Aker on Drizzle, a reboot
> of MySQL designed “for the cloud”; Linux Kernel hacker Greg K-H about
> how Linux manages development; Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki,
> about what’s next in collaboration; Amber Case, an anthropologist
> living in both the physical and virtual worlds, about Cyborg
> Citizenship. (You can view all current proposals at
> http://opensourcebridge.org/proposals/)
> In addition to regular conference sessions, we will hold an
> unconference day for free-form sessions, and host a 24-hour dedicated
> “hacker lounge” at the top of the Portland Hilton. In addition to
> hosting the hacker lounge, the Hilton has offered Open Source Bridge
> attendees steeply discounted room rates, starting at $139/night.
> The city of Portland is a great place to visit. It has a thriving
> technical community, a love of all things open source and offers many
> attractions for visiting geeks, including Powell’s technical books,
> dozens of local brewpubs, and large greenspaces like Forest Park—all
> accessible by mass transit.
> Visit http://opensourcebridge.org/ to learn more about the conference,
> see our session proposals, and register to attend.
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(This is just to throw a feeler into the pdx.pm group to see about
submitting a talk)

What's the opinion of seeing a Catalyst talk up there?  I'm happy to submit
a talk if there is interest, but I'm a bit hesitant if it is going to be
filled with the same Perl folks that attend pdx.pm (or other PM meetings)?

I'd like to get it out of the echo chamber and show non-Perl hackers how
powerful of a tool it is, but it seems that a lot of these talks (at least
at OSCON) end up being filled with Perl People.

The option I'm leaning towards is a sort of bait'n'switch: "Using RESTful
techniques and YUI".  It will just happen to use Catalyst as the medium.

Thoughts, opinions?

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