[Pdx-pm] Reading process output fails prematurely?

chromatic chromatic at wgz.org
Thu Mar 5 11:47:14 PST 2009

On Thursday 05 March 2009 10:00:24 Scott Garman wrote:

> A second quick question, if I haven't burned up too much karma: the
> script works properly now, except that it buffers many lines (50+) from
> udevmonitor before I see them on the screen. Setting $| to 1 was no
> help, and from the documentation sounds like it wasn't quite what I
> wanted anyway (autoflush forces buffer flushes after writes to the
> currently selected output handle, and I'm guessing that input buffering
> is what's causing me trouble).

Input buffering may be problematic if you use readline() (<$events>).  
sysread() may work better.

Of course, this all depends on if udevmonitor uses buffered *writes*.  If so, 
whatever you do for input won't help.

-- c

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