[Pdx-pm] Reading process output fails prematurely?

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 09:35:50 PST 2009

# from Michael G Schwern
# on Thursday 05 March 2009 02:50:

>Finally, use a lexical
>filehandle just because there's no reason to muck with global
> filehandles any more.
>  my $udevmonitor = "/usr/local/sbin/udevmonitor";
>  open(my $events, "$udevmonitor |") or die "Can't open $udevmonitor:
> $!";

And for good form, use the 3-arg open so you don't get bit by spaces in 
the filename.

  open(my $events, '-|', $udevmonitor) or die ...

Yes, udevmonitor will probably not be found on windows or mac and no 
linux distro worth its salt would ever create a directory called 
something like "/Core Components/", but good habits are hard to break.  
You also get to pass arguments to the command without the shell trying 
to interpret them.

Someone might want to point out that the 3-arg open is not supported by 
perls from a decade ago.  If you find yourself transported to said 
century, please use the opportunity to point out the impending attacks, 
wars, and economic meltdown.

"Insert random misquote here"

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