[Pdx-pm] Suggestion for July 8th meeting - modules and CPAN plumbing

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 17:31:02 PDT 2009

Hi all,

We're just under two weeks from the July meeting and the only suggestion 
thus far has been hijacked into a (sounds like fun) code sprint.

So here's another suggestion:  how modules work and stuff about the 

Here's a suggested agenda:

  * configuring your CPAN/CPANPLUS client
  * what makes a module
  * what happens when you install a module (where does stuff go?)
  * what happens when you load a module
  * how to make a distribution
  * how distributions get on the CPAN (PAUSE)
  * how distributions get found by the CPAN client
  * what a distribution contains, metadata

Some of this is fairly basic and other parts are lesser known.  I think 
it would be interesting to have multiple speakers (if there are 8, you 
each only need 5 minutes of material), but it would take some 
preparation to get all of the slides ready to go in a coherent 40min 

Does that sound interesting and useful?  Did I miss anything or is any 
of it too basic?  Igal will talk about .packlists ;-) Other volunteers?

"But as to modern architecture, let us drop it and let us take
modernistic out and shoot it at sunrise."
--F.L. Wright

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