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Ingy dot Net ingy at ingy.net
Wed Jun 17 15:14:07 PDT 2009


Ingy here... You are getting this email because I want you involved in the
TestML discussion mailing list. Some of you already are on the list, so
sorry for any redundancy.

TestML is a generic software testing framework that transcends programming
languages and their test frameworks. It is something that I've been thinking
about for 3-4 years and hacking on for a couple months. The spec is at
http://testml.org and the code is under http://github.com/ingydotnet/(testml-*).

I have been frustrated with the mailing list options available to me. I
started with Google Groups and have decided to stick with it for now. Google
Apps handles all the email, even though I so far find Groups to be somewhat

The "mailing list" address is discuss at testml.org. I don't have any _good_
way for you to subscribe or unsubscribe, but I do have _a_ way. Send an
email from the address you want to use for this, and I will personally
subscribe/unsubscribe you. Send the email either to ingy at ingy.net or to
discuss at testml.org (it actually allows mail from non-subscribers).

Hopefully I'll get this ironed out, but at least now I can continue the
TestML discussion and make progress. If you have experience with Groups
combined with Apps under a custom domain name (like testml.org) please help
me out.

I really look forward to discussing TestML with all of you.

Cheers, Ingy
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