[Pdx-pm] Thanks for help with Language::Dashrep CPAN module

Jonathan Leto jaleto at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 23:52:52 PDT 2009


Have you considered porting this to run on the Parrot Virtual Machine?
It might be a fun project for the interested reader :)



On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 9:17 PM, Richard
Fobes<outgoing at solutionscreative.com> wrote:
> I want to thank those of you who helped me a few months ago when I was
> creating my first CPAN module.  I especially want to publicly thank Eric
> Wilhelm for his help verbally answering my questions.  Thank you!
> The CPAN module I created is Language::Dashrep. It implements the
> Dashrep descriptive programming language, which I developed over a
> number of years.  It has saved me lots of programming time, and I hope
> it can save time for other programmers.
> Details about the language are at: www.Dashrep.org
> In terms of functionality, the module recursively expands hyphenated
> phrases, somewhat in a macro-like way.
> One interesting characteristic is that it uses just one symbol -- the
> dash (aka hyphen) -- in it's basic syntax.  (A couple of other symbols
> become significant in some circumstances that also involve dashes.)
> This characteristic makes it useful for flexibly generating code in
> other languages, including XML, HTML, and JavaScript.
> Again, thanks to those of you on this mailing list who helped out!
> Richard Fobes
> Author of "The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox"
> www.Fovationz.com
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