[Pdx-pm] Paul and Jacinta are coming to Portland

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Mon Jul 13 22:07:35 PDT 2009

David E. Wheeler wrote:
> Schwern, are you having the hackathon at the Lab again on Thursday? That
> might be a good time to meet up and hack in general with a bunch of
> geeks, after Ignite.

Yeah, though I was pondering a better location.  The Lab is great but a little
loud which I'm sure turns off a certain group of people.  I was thinking about
the NW Lab on 19th and Quimby.  It has a large, separated room like the SE Lab
does, but even bigger.

If anyone else has suggestions, prerequisites for a meeting space are, from
most to least important:

* Power
* Internet
* Comfy seating for 5-10 people with laptops
* Tolerance for the above
* Relatively quiet
* Food/drink refreshment

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