[Pdx-pm] meeting this wed. - topic needed

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 10:12:55 PDT 2009

# from David E. Wheeler
# on Monday 06 July 2009 09:12:

>We could also do more Perl 5 code sprint. There's a lot to be done  
>there, and there were only 4 of us there

It's been said that my "modules and cpan plumbing" mail last week 
sounded like an announcement rather than a suggestion.  But, I didn't 
get any volunteers to present on any of the suggested items.

I'm not sure if we can fit much of a code sprint into a meeting.  But 
I'm hoping that perhaps those of you who were there can share some of 
what you learned, which would make good pre-education for the next 
round.  Can we mix that together with the CPAN plumbing stuff and make 
an informational meeting of it?

Perhaps whoever comes gets to ask questions in the realm of "perl/CPAN 
infrastructure" and the rest of us will try to answer them?

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