[Pdx-pm] Ask For It

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Thu Jan 15 11:56:50 PST 2009

Last night at the Lab after the pm meeting, discussion veered to
the underrepresentation of women in CS.  Kernel hacker Val Aurora
suggests the book "Ask For It:  How Women Can Use the Power of
Negotiation to Get What They Really Want" by Babcock and Laschever.
The problem is that in most situations men are about 10x more 
likely to ask for what they want than women;  while much of the
time the guys are turned down, they sometimes get what they ask
for.  That usually means better jobs, better pay, better purchases,
and so forth.  The authors teach some of the basic negotiating
skills, as well as techniques to deal with the frequent rejections
that come from asking for the iffy stuff.  

I bought a copy for my wife, and what we learn from it will help
both of us.  Perl Mongers include women with the energy and skills
to change the world - if this helps them do make good changes 
better and faster, the sooner they learn this stuff, the better 
off we all will be!


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