[Pdx-pm] RTDevSys, Infrastructure for RT projects

Chad Granum exodist7 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 22:53:33 PDT 2009

Hello all,

This is just to send out word that I have published the code for the RT
deployment system that I developed at OpenSourcery (www.opensourcery.com)
for our RT projects.

RTDevSys was designed to wrap around the RT deployment process and allow for
easy management, creation, and maintenance of RT deployments. It is used to
create an RT project, put in place all the plugins and workflows
(initialdata stuff), take care of testing, and ultimately deployment. One of
the biggest benefits, you can use it to develop version tracked migrations
against specific workflows, and deploy them against both test and production
instances of RT.

Here are places it can be found:

Manual can be found here (Work in progress):

If you combine it with this plugin, http://github.com/exodist/RTx-NNID then
you can even maintain copies of a subset (or even all) objects that have
been stored in the database in code files. This is useful because you have a
way to make any changes you want in code, test them, and deploy them. This
plugin really is a defining feature for RTDevSys.

Any questions please ask, I havn't even covered a portion of the
functionality here yet.

Remaining notes:
 * Currently only works w/ postgresql (easy to fix I am sure)
 * Most features were designed for specific problems to be solved, some may
need have holes.
 * RTDevSys is by no means complete, but it is still feature rich, I am
putting it out here for patches, improvements, suggestions, and ideas.

-Chad Granum

P.S. Feedback would be much appreciated.
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