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Sat Apr 25 03:30:51 PDT 2009

For those who don't know that Raman soup can take days to make and  
years to master, try a soup shop in Japan town.  I had a great  
conversation with the owner, and stop in every time I can.  You can  
see the vegetables and meaty bones reducing down to a tasty broth  
while seated at the counter or walking down the street.  What a great  

	Kumako Raman (211 E Jackson St)

I'd never heard of his other signature dish: mabo tofu.  Wow.  Another  
great find.  Thick gravey.  Ground pork.  Silky tofu.

Lately, they've been catering to the students, so the (cheap, err,  
uh... cost conscious, value conscious) Perl group should feel right at  
home.  Even though I'm on an expense account when I travel, and could  
go to more expensive places, I feel like I've been fed like a king  
when I spend $10 for dinner there.

And, for dessert, wander across the street to Nijiya Market (240 E  
Jackson St) for a browse through items that confuse most "Anglo  
palettes", but are an adventure in the delicacies of the "Asian  
palette".  I first heard these terms from an (Asian) Perl student of  
mine while training in the Richmond section of Vancouver BC, a place  
that's so heavily Asian that some stores and restaurants don't even  
bother translating into English.  He didn't know whether to steer me  
toward or away from the "Asian palette" when I asked about a good  
local restaurant.  Since eating local is half the fun of traveling, I  
had a great adventure in eating.

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