[Pdx-pm] Trends in Internet usage

jeff jeff at vpservices.com
Wed Apr 8 17:23:21 PDT 2009

Thanks to all for the suggestions so far.  A bit more context since you 
seem interested: it's for a large international NGO that has about a 
dozen mailing lists totalling 100,000 subscribers and about half a dozen 
websites.  In the past the websites have been almost nothing other than 
a way to draw people into the mailing lists but now we are moving 
towards spiffy (general adjective, no reference to Ingy) ontology-based 
inter-searchable sites, targeted feeds, etc.  Obviously we don't want to 
ignore the list subscribers, they will still be our core, but we need to 
figure out where to put our emphasis.   The target population is very 
specialized - people involved in treaty negotiation - so the general 
public is not really our concern.


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