[Pdx-pm] Open Source Bridge Conference -- early bird discount and CFP

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Wed Apr 1 04:44:32 PDT 2009

Eric Wilhelm wrote:
> # from J. Shirley
> # on Friday 27 March 2009:
>> I'd like to get it out of the echo chamber and show non-Perl hackers
>> how powerful of a tool it is, but it seems that a lot of these talks
>> (at least at OSCON) end up being filled with Perl People.
>> The option I'm leaning towards is a sort of bait'n'switch: "Using
>> RESTful techniques and YUI".  It will just happen to use Catalyst as
>> the medium.
> Or a Rails vs Catalyst cage match?


There's already a couple cage match talks.

"Virtualize vs Containerize: Fight!"

"bzr vs git smack down"

They take the form of a supporter from either side presenting together to give
a more balanced and honest talk.  So if you can find a Rails developer it
allows some give and take rather than just Catalyst beating on a silent Rails
or vice versa.

Alligator sandwich, and make it snappy!

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