[Pdx-pm] Hands on Perl 6 -- October 8th Meeting in two weeks

Seven till Seven scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 16:36:11 PDT 2008

Hi all,

We're relegated to the classroom at freegeek this month, so I figure we 
should make the best of it and have a perl 6 class.

Jerry Gay will be visiting from Seattle.  Jerry is a key contributor to 
parrot/rakudo and will be very helpful in understanding what rakudo can 
do right now and diagnosing any troubles that come up.

We will have a short walk-through at the beginning and if a projector is 
available we can use it to increase the tutorial bandwidth.

Bring a laptop if you have one, preferably with parrot (or even pugs) 
already setup.  If you do not have a laptop or if you would be able to 
bring more than one, please let me know.

I would like this to be very hands-on learning and I imagine we'll 
probably be working in pairs or small groups as well as spending some 
time reading documentation and sharing what we've learned.

If you have some experience with Perl 6 or have been playing with it 
recently, please share your useful links or insights by posting them on 
the list or the wiki.


If you have no experience with Perl 6, this is where you get it!  Bring 
your friends.  There's still more than one way to do it in Perl 6 and 
I'm looking forward to seeing where people's interests are.  Working 
through some of the perl quizzes or porting other illustrative examples 
might be fun for some while others might be interested in playing with 
the classes and objects, or mod_perl6, etc.

As always, social hour at the lucky lab afterwards.



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