[Pdx-pm] Designing a C library specifically for HLL binding

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 23:30:22 PDT 2008

# from paull at peak.org
# on Thursday 30 October 2008:

>These formats
>have nice grammars, so the typical approach is a flex/bison pair where
>major (interesting) grammatical productions brew up a HV/AV complex
> data structure and pass it to a user defined (Perl) callback.
>A C library specifically for binding to a HLL interpreter.

Hi Paul,

Thanks, that definitely helps my thinking.  The mini-language of macros 
trick might come in particularly handy given the repetitive nature of 
some of the unpacking.

Aside:  One of my references for this project is going to be the python 
code which Art Haas did as a first-attempt based on the ODA published 
findings of the format.  I'm not sure whether there was code generation 
involved here, but starting around line 213 there is a very unsettling 


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