[Pdx-pm] Fwd: Perl Monger/JAPH T-Shirts

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 09:34:15 PST 2008

I think I've seen the camel shirt, but not sure about the JAPH one.  
Anybody happen to have some picture links handy?

If you're interested, please contact Robert.

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Subject: [pm_groups] Perl Monger/JAPH T-Shirts
Date: Sunday 09 November 2008
From: Robert Spier <robert at perl.org>
To: pm_groups at pm.org

I'm cleaning my house, and I found a selection of large-sized Perl
Monger t-shirts from a few years ago.  They're yours for the price of

Here's what I've got:

Navy Blue Shirt, "Perl Mongers on the front, large JAPH on the
back in yellow".
   size XXL x 3
   size XL  x 2

Black Shirt, "Perl Mongers camel logo on front, nothing on the back"
   size XXXL x 1
   size XXL  x 1
   size XL   x 1

Price: $5/shirt within the USA.  international shipping on a case by
case basis.

While supplies last.  Payment via paypal.  (Or cash.)  

Let me know if you're interested. 

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