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Subject: [pm_groups] Nordic Perl Workshop 2008 - Call for Papers & 
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Claes Jakobsson, Stockholm.pm


Nordic Perl Workshop 2008 - Call for Papers & Participation

Stockholm Perl Mongers and its fellow Nordic Perl Mongers arranges the
annual Nordic Perl Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden on the 24th and 25th
of May (over a weekend). This is the second time the workshop is
arranged in Stockholm and the 6th time in total. The venue for this
years workshop is located right next to Vasaparken near Odenplan, in
the heart of Stockholm. During summertime this is a green oasis where
one can chill in the grass, watch people or take a break in some of
the park's coffee-shops. Odenplan also offers a wide range of
restaurants and pubs in it's vicinity.

Nordic Perl Workshop is a workshop for the community by the community
and we want you to submit interesting and inspiring presentations in
order to make the workshop successful. Talk lengths are the usual 20
and 40 minutes but we might consider longer ones if motivated. Any
subject is welcome as long as it's related to Perl somehow - from
algorithms for social graphing and web-technologies to Perl5 core
optimizations and language implementation targeting the Parrot VM. To
submit a talk either do it online on the workshop website[1] or to
 claes at surfar.nu . If submitting via email please prefix the subject
 with [NPW]. Please submit talks no later than Friday 2nd of May.
 Accepted speakers will be notified Monday 5th of May.

Apart from speakers the workshop also requires eager participants.
Workshop fee is 500 SEK (~ 55 EUR) and there's a reduced fee at 250
SEK (~ 28 EUR) for students. This includes admission to the workshop
and coffee. Registration is done via the website[1] which uses ACT so
if you have attended a previous workshop registration is dead simple.

[1] Website is not online yet but we're working on it really hard. The
URL is as always http://www.perlworkshop.dk/

Important dates to remember:

     May 2nd     - Deadline for talk submission
     May 5th     - Speakers will be notified
     May 16th    - Registration closes
     May 23th    - Pre-work gathering for early arrivals
     May 24-25th - Nordic Perl Workshop 2008

Hope to see you in Stockholm.

Claes Jakobsson on behalf of the Nordic Perl Workshop 2008
organization team.

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