[Pdx-pm] File-Fu v0.0.3 -- ok, % is the inner append

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 01:00:33 PST 2008

Hi all,

v0.0.3 should be arriving real soon.


Well, I'm not very happy with what perl gives me to work with in 
overloading, but at least I think my operator API has reached the final 
state now.

The append operator gets called before the stringify when the append is 
happening inside a quoted string, so some basic debugging code caused 
me to need to do a lot of debugging...

  my $dir = File::Fu->dir('bar'); # 'bar/'
  $dir .= 'baz'; # 'barbaz/'
  print "$dir\n"; # "barbaz\n/'

  my $dir = File::Fu->dir('bar'); # 'bar/'
  $dir %= 'baz'; # 'barbaz/'
  print "$dir\n"; # "barbaz\n/'

I was thinking about '*' as the append (because it looks like a fat, 
hairy dot), but decided that '%' is easier to pronounce ('mod') and 
I'll post-rationalize something about it being symbolic of the 
slash-sensitive append if that helps.  (The truth is that I code out 
loud (in my head) and the best pronunciation I could come up with 
for '*' was 'glue', which just elicits thoughts of waiting for it to 

  my $dir = File::Fu->dir("bar"); # "bar/"
  my $alsodir = $dir % 'bat'; # "barbat/"
  my $subdir = $alsodir / 'baz'; # "barbat/baz/"
  my $subdir2 = $dir % 'bat' / 'baz'; # "barbat/baz/"
  my $file = $subdir + 'file.txt'; # "barbat/baz/file.txt"

And I may have mentioned the fact that I can't hack '=~ s///', so to 
modify just the file part (not to mention "not breaking the object"), 
you use &.

  $file &= sub {s/^file/pile/};

So, that's all I can do with the operator API in perl 5.  If there are 
any great ideas, I could probably still break it once more, but 
otherwise I think I'm moving on to adding more features to the method 
API and will declare it stable pretty soon.

And just one more reason...

  use File::Fu;
  my @files = File::Fu->dir('lib')->find(sub {
    return shift->prune if($_->is_dir and $_->end =~ m/^\.svn$/);
    $_->is_file and m/\.pm$/;

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