[Pdx-pm] Ben Rides a Moose -- March Meeting next week

Seven till Seven scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 15:59:39 PST 2008

Wed. March 12th, 6:53pm at FreeGeek -- 1731 SE 10th Ave.

Topic:   Moose - objects and antlers
Speaker: Ben Hengst

Moose is a cute, fuzzy module (which just happens to share its name with
a big smelly creature.)

Er, it is a postmodern object system which allows you to remove much of 
the hairiness from your object-oriented Perl code.  Moose borrows 
features from Perl 6, CLOS (LISP), Smalltalk, Java, BETA, OCaml, Ruby 
and more.

Ben will present a brief introduction to Moose, followed by an overview
of (and real-world examples from) a database-linked search/results
system built on Moose.

* Saddle the Moose (intro)
  * a perl object system
  * meta syntax for object/class declaration
  * simple example
  * not *that* weird
* Ride the Moose (code in "the real world")
  * Constructors for free
  * under the hood - the meta() method
  * getters and setters
    * example
    * possible name space collisions
    * 'rw' vs 'ro'
    * timing issues ( lazy => 1 )
  * strict types
    * things die if they are wrong, just like they should (assertion)
  * roles
  * less code to test
* Love the Moose (techniques and practices)
  * composition / modularization / encapsulation
  * layout of logical file structure with roles
    * easier team workflow / merging
  * QA notes



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