[Pdx-pm] Release of Math::GSL 0.05_01

Jonathan Leto jaleto at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 00:21:56 PDT 2008

Howdy Folks,

This is an alpha release of Math::GSL, in preparation for a new release
schedule of Last Wednesday of the Month,
which starts next week on July 30th. Thierry has been a great student to
mentor during the Summer of Code and has contributed large amounts of
documentation and tests relating to all subsystems, but in particular to the
linear algebra subsystems BLAS and CBLAS. Many subsystems are
well-documented and fully functional, like Matrix, Vector, RNG, SF,
CDF,Poly, Const, PowInt, while a few still have only partial support and
minimal documentation. Subsystems which require callbacks (a.k.a
gsl_function *) , like Deriv, Integration, Min, Multimin do not work at all
currently, but I am hard at work figuring this issue out and I have been
getting great help from local Perl mongers.

   * Perl 5.8.8
   * GSL 1.11
   * Test::Class
   * Test::More
   * Test::Exception
   * ExtUtils::PkgConfig
   * This Module does not require SWIG, but does come with the interface
      which were used to generate the XS code

Download latest snapshot:
Browse git repo: http://leto.net/gitweb
Browse raw files: http://leto.net/git/Math-GSL
Math::GSL blog: http://leto.net/code/Math-GSL

Note: If you do a "./Build clean", your generated XS code will be cleaned
and then SWIG *will* be
necessary for compilation. Or you could just untar the file again. Or "just
don't do that."

To get involved with development of Math::GSL, set up your git repo like so:

         git clone http://leto.net/code/Math-GSL.git
         cd Math-GSL
         git checkout -b bleed   # create new local branch
         git pull origin bleed     # pull in remote bleed
         gitk &                          # browse git repo with Tk gui

and start hacking away! Patches, suggestions and bug reports are very


Jonathan Leto
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