[Pdx-pm] Last of the shirts

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 11:30:50 PDT 2008

# from Eric Wilhelm
# on Tuesday 01 July 2008 20:06:

>  http://scratchcomputing.com/tmp/pdx.pm.2008shirt.html
>If you haven't pre-ordered a shirt and I get your order before I
>finalize it with the printer tomorrow, then I'll add your size and
>color choice to the order.

For those who are writing to ask if you missed it, please fill out the 
form instead of asking.  (This eliminates two cycles of latency and 
increases your chances of making the mystery deadline.)

If you missed it, I'll write back to tell you that ;-)

Yeah, sorry.  Soft deadlines are a pain, but the deal is that I might 
have one or two phone calls back and forth with the printer before it's 
all said and done, so if I can manage to squeeze in your last minute 
order, I'll do it.

But you can never get 3n from n, ever, and if you think you can, please
email me the stock ticker of your company so I can short it.
--Joel Spolsky

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