[Pdx-pm] perl upgrade

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Wed Jan 30 18:10:26 PST 2008

Alan wrote:
> I need to understand how CPAN figures dependencies.  I have a couple of
> modules that a co-worker tried to install via CPAN into 5.10.0 and it
> failed to find Class::MethodMaker when building GnuPG::Interface and a few
> others.  Not certain what it takes to get the problem resolved these days.

Each distribution declares it's own dependencies.  CPAN.pm looks at that 
information in each distribution.  Because the declarations are usually done 
by hand, sometimes the distribution author might forget a dependency.

These days the easiest way to figure a module's dependencies is to look at the 
META.yml file.

As you can see in "requires" GnuPG-Interface properly declares its dependency 
on Class::MethodMaker.  So something else must have been going wrong, possibly 
a busted CPAN mirror.

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