[Pdx-pm] Skimmable Code

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Wed Jan 30 18:05:30 PST 2008

Eric's been bugging me on IRC to come up with a topic to talk about at next 
month's meeting, otherwise he's threatening to have me talk about Plan 9. 
There was something I was really excited about discussion last month and I had 
to go look back in the #pdx.pm logs to remember what it is.  Such is life in 
my brain.

For next meeting I would like to talk about "Skimmable Code", which is to say 
code that you can confidently read and work with just a small part of without 
having to study the whole.  Why it's important, what the key traits of 
skimmability are, how you can tell if you have skimmable code and how you can 
write skimmable code.

A lot of this gets into "lexical encapsulation" which is a term I like to 
throw around and assume everyone else understands why it's REALLY IMPORTANT 
but don't actually know if other folks Get It.

Interest?  Excited?  Bored?

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