[Pdx-pm] other RT folks

Selena Deckelmann selenamarie at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 06:16:51 PST 2008

Hi Igal,

On Feb 18, 2008 9:27 PM, Igal Koshevoy <igal at pragmaticraft.com> wrote:
> Selena Deckelmann wrote:
> > Our extreme database makeover guinea pig is going to have dinner with
> > Matz on Thursday.  Any other RT folks out there who have experience
> > with the database and are willing to show up for a meeting on Thursday
> > night?
> >
> I'm sorry that the Ruby dinner event collided with the make over, and I
> recognize this doesn't leave you much time to find a replacement. Would
> it be possible to reschedule the makeover to another night that works
> for the guinea pig and I'll also try hard to make it there to lend a hand?

Thanks for the offer!  I wasn't meaning to call you out :)

I'm going to consult the PDXPUG folks and see what they think.


Selena Deckelmann
PDXPUG - Portland PostgreSQL Users Group

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