[Pdx-pm] Unwind module dependencies

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Thu Feb 7 02:16:44 PST 2008

Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> Eric Wilhelm wrote:
>> # from Roderick A. Anderson
>> # on Friday 01 February 2008 12:28:
>>> Is there another method besides CPAN::Unwind to determine what
>>> prerequisite modules are needed to install a module?
>> With or without running the code?
> At this point I don't care.  I'm hoping to come up with a list and 
> compare it to the perl-* RPMs and install those first.  And if that 
> works out I'm going to try to build RPMs for as many of the others as I 
> can using cpan2rpm.
> The reason I'm going through all this is because I prefer using a ... 
> _package managed_ distribution but the Redhat based ones have for me had 
>   problems with the compiling required for some (XS) modules.  I think 
> it has a bit to do with the (so I've heard) mess made of the Redhatian 
> Perl RPM.  And sometimes the module wants non-Perl stuff installed that 
> I don't.

If I understand you just want to take CPAN modules and put them into rpms and 
then install from the rpm so all your CPAN stuff is under package management?

Considered cpan2rpm?  Or CPANPLUS is supposed to be able to do this.  There's 
CPANPLUS::Dist::Mdv to make Mandriva RPMs and CPANPLUS::Dist::Deb to make 
Debian packages.

On error resume stupid

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