[Pdx-pm] Unwind module dependencies

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Fri Feb 1 15:18:54 PST 2008

Eric Wilhelm wrote:
> # from Roderick A. Anderson
> # on Friday 01 February 2008 12:28:
>> Is there another method besides CPAN::Unwind to determine what
>> prerequisite modules are needed to install a module?
> With or without running the code?

At this point I don't care.  I'm hoping to come up with a list and 
compare it to the perl-* RPMs and install those first.  And if that 
works out I'm going to try to build RPMs for as many of the others as I 
can using cpan2rpm.

The reason I'm going through all this is because I prefer using a ... 
_package managed_ distribution but the Redhat based ones have for me had 
  problems with the compiling required for some (XS) modules.  I think 
it has a bit to do with the (so I've heard) mess made of the Redhatian 
Perl RPM.  And sometimes the module wants non-Perl stuff installed that 
I don't.

>   END {warn join("\n", sort keys %INC);}

Interesting.  So each 'use Package' statement may modify %INC?

> Also see Module::ScanDeps, Devel::TraceLoad, and 
> http://scratchcomputing.com/svn/Devel-TraceDeps/trunk/.

Starting looking at these but haven't tried them yet.

> Note that CPAN::Unwind is just using Module::Depends::Intrusive.  This 
> tells you what a distribution will install, but not necessarily what it 
> needs.

Unwind will look at what the module knows it needs and but not 
necessarily what those need?

> --Eric

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