[Pdx-pm] App/Module review?

Chad Granum exodist7 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 01:02:29 PST 2008

Thanks for the feedback, I have a few questions:

1. Why doesn't the distribution have a version? The only thing that has a
> version is the module which is versioned at 1.00.

By distribution do you mean the file name? I noticed that after the upload I
was not thinking, the second upload had the version number.

> 2. Now why did you version it at 1.00 right away? That's not such a good
> idea
> for open-source software:
> http://catb.org/esr/writings/cathedral-bazaar/homesteading/ar01s13.html
> You should have started at 0.01 or something.

oops, too late now.

> 3. That put aside, I also dislike the fact that it's called "PPBS" rather
> than "Build::PPBS" or "App::PPBS" or whatever.

I am actually calling it ppbuild because something similar, but much
different from what I need called pbs exists, that author contacted me.

Would it be worth it at this point to rename it to App::PPBuilder and
reversion it to 0.01, or would that just be too much being a third
delete/upload change?

> 4. The copyright paragraph for the module reads:
> {{{{{{{{{{{
> Copyright 2008 Chad Granum
> You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
> with
> this. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
> }}}}}}}}}}}
> That's not enough. You should say that it is licensed under the GPL and
> which
> versions exactly.

Will do, Inexperience bit me.

> 5. You're exporting functions that start with an uppercase letter. The Perl
> convention (and good practice) is for them to start with a lowercase
> letter.

I made them capital specifically in this place because it seemed more
approptiate to me, is this not a design choice I should make?

> 6. The synopsis lacks a semi-colon after the sub { ... }
> 7.
> {{{
> File "MyFile, qw/ MyTask /, "touch MyFile";
> }}}
> You're missing a double-quotes.

Will fix, thank you.

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