[Pdx-pm] App/Module review?

Chad Granum exodist7 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 19:02:33 PST 2008

Hey, I have been lerking on the mailing list for close to a year now, don't
think I have ever posted anything. I have also made an appearence in the
chat as exodist on occasion.

I just completed a module/app and submitted it to cpan, and I am eager for
feedback. I am not sure if this is the right kind of thing to post here, if
it is great, if not let me know.

The module can be found here:

Essentially make is limited for large perl projects. The tools such as
Module::Install are great for individual modules, but do not work so well on
large application projects. Rake is a good alternative to make, but requires
installing and learning ruby to install your perl app.

I briefly looked at some other perl modules, but found nothing that met my
needs. As such I took about 5 hours and wrote this while snowed in today.
The goal is to have the file that defines the build tasks to be very similar
to Makefiles, because people are used to their syntax. However these files
are pure perl, and as such carry perls power within them. I also wanted to
be able to write build tasks either as perl code or as shell commands, since
some build tasks are obviously simpler in shell.

The best documentation is the pod for lib/PPBS.pm within the tarball. I
would appreciate feedback both on how it is used (as described in the pod),
and on the coding. The code is suprisingly tiny, so it should not take too

-Chad 'Exodist' Granum
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