[Pdx-pm] io prompt question

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 14:58:45 PST 2008

# from Thomas Keller
# on Thursday 18 December 2008 14:29:

>I'm getting a warning using IO::Prompt and don't see why:
>my $mapper = prompt("Choose a mapper: ", -menu=>[ @mappers ]);
>Use of uninitialized value $_ in pattern match (m//) at
> /opt/local/lib/ perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/IO/Prompt.pm line 91.

This sounds like a job for Carp::Always.

The line 91 of the IO::Prompt on cpan doesn't have an m//, so we might 
need to see the source in question (or at least know the version 
number) to help further.  My guess would be that one of your @mappers 
values is undef, but that is just a guess.

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