[Pdx-pm] Rentrak is hiring Perl developers

Andrew H alphanumeric219 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 14:48:22 PDT 2008

   Long time lurker, first-time poster.  I have nothing particularly bad to
say about Rentrak's employees, but I have a warning for any of those who
might consider working there.  Last year I came to Portland from out of
state to work for Rentrak.  I traveled very far to work for them.  After a
few productive months of working there, they let me go, forcing me into
freelance work.  Wanting to be a better employee in the future, I tried to
get a good explanation as to why.  The best answer they could give me was
that I was 'too slow', and that there was nothing wrong with the quality of
my work.  Later, I found out they had hired me on as a vendor, and I'd been
misled into thinking I was a full-time employee (be sure to read the
paperwork).  It was probably my fault, maybe I was too slow, or maybe I
didn't fit into the right social niche, but I thought I might share the
experience.  If just to let you know the level of calibre they are looking

Anonymous Perl Programmer
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