[Pdx-pm] perl 5.10 mac installation problem

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 00:27:42 PDT 2008

# from Thomas Keller
# on Friday 01 August 2008 21:50:

>So to get more information I ran tests individually. Here's one:
>$ make test TEST_FILES=lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t

Sorry, never listen to the blind leader.  Read the INSTALL file.  The 
core harness is much more primitive than even EU::MM.

  cd t; ./perl harness \
    ../lib/CPANPLUS/Dist/Build/t/*.t ../lib/CPANPLUS/t/*.t

And './perl harness -v $one_test' for the verbose version.

I guess all of those macs I see at meetings are really running linux?

Do you have a ~/.cpanplus directory?  Perhaps mv that and see if there's 
something in there (or your environment) that's tickling it.

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Moving pianos are dangerous.
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