[Pdx-pm] The fake.pm challenge

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 01:09:01 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Some of you missed the challenge (and chance to win schwag) from last 
month's meeting, so I figured I would just post the urls.  No: you 
don't get any schwag for it -- and yes, you missed waffle night.

The challenge:  Some of these modules are real and some are not.  
Without using the internet, write down your real/not answers.


(You may use the internet to fetch the above link, but obviously going 
beyond that, using your cpan client and/or running grep on 
02packages.details.txt and such is cheating.)

Now, the answers.  Wait!  Do the challenge first or it won't be 


The ones at the bottom are fake (or at least, they were when I wrote 

Disclaimer:  items in my /tmp/ namespace may disappear whenever I feel 
like it.

Yes, some of the "fake" ones might be worth writing.  What are you 
waiting for?  The hardest part is naming it, and I've already done that 
for you.

perl -e 'srand; print join(" ",sort({rand() < 0.5}
  qw(sometimes it is important to be consistent)));'

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