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Subject: Registration Is Now Open!
Date: Thursday 03 April 2008 17:26
From: "O'Reilly Open Source Convention" <conf-admin at oreilly.com>
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O'Reilly Open Source Convention - OSCON
July 21-25, 2008
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, OR

Registration for OSCON 2008 Is Now Open. Save $250 When You Register By
June 2! https://en.oreilly.com/oscon2008/public/register/

Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of open source, the
 software freedom that has enabled developer communities and businesses
 to work together for the greater good of all. Open source has helped
 to shape a decade of innovation, collaboration, and commerce, and as
 we celebrate the 10th year of O'Reilly's Open Source Convention
 (OSCON) July 21-25 in Portland, Oregon, we are looking ahead to the
 next decade. What are the ideas and innovations that will next shake
 up the open source world? Where are the seeds that will launch us into
 a new era of software freedom? Through in-depth tutorials taught by
 experts, revelatory sessions and enlightening keynotes, OSCON 2008
 will address current developments in topics such as mobile devices,
 tools and techniques for multicore development, caching and
 performance, virtualization, Linux on the desktop, cloud computing,
 the next generation of VoIP, open source as a global phenomenon,
 community antipatterns, and open source in education, government, and

Make sure you're a part of all this. Register now to secure your
place--and save $250 (until June 2) at:

Forty tutorials, more than 400 sessions in 14 tracks!

Monday and Tuesday's three-hour expert-led tutorials go deep into
technical skills, new features and applications, and best practices.
 Among the hands-on topics are:
="Python in 3 Hours" -- Steve Holden (Holden Web LLC)
="Extending Rails: Understanding and Building Plugins" -- Clinton R.
 Nixon (Viget Labs) ="Introduction to Django" -- Jacob Kaplan-Moss
 (World Online)
="Perl Security" -- Paul Fenwick (Perl Training Australia)
="PHP: Architecture, Scalability and Security" -- Rasmus Lerdorf
 (Yahoo! Inc.) ="Ubiquitous Multithreading for a MultiCore World" --
 Sanjiv Shah (Intel Corporation) ="Advanced wxPython Nuts and Bolts" --
 Robin Dunn (wxPROs)

Fourteen tracks, including a new Fundamentals track, give you hundreds
 of 45-minute sessions to choose from. Here's just a peek at what you
 will see and hear:
="Going Open Source: The 20 Most Important Things To Do"  -- Martin
="MondoRescue: The GPL Disaster Recovery Solution" -- Bruno Cornec
="Shipping Rates Estimation: A Tale from IKEA" -- Chunlou Yung (IKEA
="Maria, the New Transactional Storage Engine for MySQL" --
 Michael Widenius (MySQL)
="Creating and Supporting Free Software in Africa: The African Virtual
Open Initiatives and Resources (AVOIR) Experience" -- Derek Keats
(University of the Western Cape)
="Groovy vs. JRuby" -- Rod Cope (OpenLogic, Inc.)
="Linux on the Corporate Desktop: We Did It, and You Can, Too" -- John
Goerzen (Hustler Turf Equipment)
="The Effects of Stress on Programmers' and Groups' Performances" --
 Alan Carter (consultant)
="Barely Legal XXX Perl" -- Jos Boumans (RIPE NCC)
="Caching and Performance: Lessons from Facebook" -- Lucas Nealan
="Code Reviews for Fun and Profit" -- Alex Martelli
="Ruby 1.9: What To Expect" -- Sam Ruby (IBM)
="Even Faster Web Sites" -- Steve Souders (Google)
="Hidden Treasures of the Zope 3 Community" -- Michael Bernstein (Rogue

For the complete conference schedule, check:

OSCON has an impressive list of sponsors, including: Atlassian
 Software, Disney, EnterpriseDB, Google, Intel, Microsoft, OpSource,
 Silicon Mechanics, and Sun Microsystems. To become a sponsor, email
 Sharon Cordesse at: scordesse at oreilly.com

In addition, OSCON will offer an Expo Hall, OSCamp, fun evening events
 and receptions, Birds of a Feather sessions, awards ceremonies, late
 night parties, activities around Portland, and plenty of networking
opportunities for all. Plus, Ubuntu Live 2008 will take place July
 21-22, once again co-located with OSCON at the Oregon Convention
 Center. For information regarding Ubuntu Live please visit:

OSCON has been described as "ground zero for the open source alpha geek
tribe" (Jon Udell, Infoworld). We hope you'll join us to see where the
tribe is going next.

If you have ideas for speakers and topics that will make the convention
 a must attend event, send them to:
oscon-idea at oreilly.com

For exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, please email Sharon
 Cordesse at scordesse at oreilly.com

For media and promotional partner opportunities, please email Avila
 Reese at mediapartners at oreilly.com

See you in Portland in July!

The OSCON 2008 Team

P.S. Register by June 2 to save $250! It's fast and easy at:


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