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Subject: [pm_groups] TodoTracker - get money for fixing TODO tests
Date: Wednesday 02 April 2008 13:36


It took a bit (ok, a lot) longer than planned, but Vienna.pm [0] is
 proud to annouce the first working prototype of the Management System
 for TODO Test Bounties (aka Todo Tracker) as part of the Vienna.pm
 Winter^WSpring of Code [1]:


If you're a maintainer of a Perl project and have something that needs
 doing head to the the Todo Tracker and enter a TODO test for your
 project. Vienna.pm will review all submitted Todo tests. Accepted
 Todos will be published so that people willing to implement the
 features / fix the bugs can apply to do them. Providing the project
 maintainers agree, the implementor gets some time to do his/her work
 and will hopefully come back with a result that fulfils the test
 stated with the project. When this is done and the project maintainers
 verify that their Todo is fixed, Vienna.pm pays the specified amount
 into the implementor's bank account.

The TODO Tracker was implemented by Matt S Trout, who donated the
 €1,000 earmarked for the development back into the TODO Budget for
 Catalyst and DBIC related projects. It is still a bit work in
 progress, but we want to go ahead before this turns into a Summer of

Vienna.pm plans to spend up to €4,000, plus €1,000 more for Catalyst /
DBIx::Class projects. We would again like to thank all Sponsors and
 Attendees of YAPC::Europe 2007 [2] who made this project possible by
 making the YAPC such a big success.

You can find more information on how this project works in our wiki

If you have any questions, suggestions or bug-reports, please send them
 to todo-tracker at rt.useperl.at, where a friendly RT will record them.

0: http://vienna.pm.org/
1: http://woc.useperl.at/
2: http://vienna.yapceurope.org/ye2007/sponsors.html
3: http://socialtext.useperl.at/vienna-pm/index.cgi?todo_tracker




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