[Pdx-pm] PRESENTATION: Tues, Oct. 2nd -- Creating agile infrastructures with AutomateIt

Igal Koshevoy igal at pragmaticraft.com
Thu Sep 27 21:40:10 PDT 2007

(Although this presentation isn't Perl-specific, it should be of 
interest to anyone using Perl to write applications or systems scripts)

* Topic: Creating agile infrastructures with AutomateIt
* Speaker: Igal Koshevoy, AutomateIt's author
* Audience: Technical managers, software engineers, system administrators
* When: Tuesday, October 2nd, 7pm
* Where: CubeSpace, 622 SE Grand Ave, Portland OR 97214
* Directions: http://www.cubespacepdx.com/directions

Want to speed up your software development process? Improve the quality 
of your services? Eliminate many of the risks that threaten your efforts?

AutomateIt is an open-source tool for automating the setup and 
maintenance of servers, applications and their dependencies. It provides 
a surprisingly simple, yet powerful, way to manage files, packages, 
services, networks, accounts, roles, templates and more. It's easy to 
learn and use, yet provides the power tackle the toughest tasks. It 
plays well with a variety of different tools, frameworks and OSes.

For example, you can use AutomateIt to write recipes for simple tasks, 
like setting up a PHP-based blog at a shared hosting provider so you can 
easily rebuild or migrate it elsewhere. Or use it for more ambitious 
tasks, like deploying and maintaining clusters of Ruby on Rails 
applications servers running on different OSes with numerous 
system-level packages that require unique configurations. Or use it to 
refactor the system architecture of your Java EE app and switch to 
different components in a safe, previewable manner by effortlessly 
applying the same set of changes you validated in development VMs to 
staging and eventually production servers. The possibilities are endless 
because in addition to AutomateIt's many built-in features, its 
extensible architecture makes it easy to adapt to your unique needs.

For details and downloads, visit http://AutomateIt.org/

The presentation will cover the benefits of an agile infrastructure, how 
it's helped real projects, present AutomateIt's unique features, and 
demonstrate AutomateIt in action.

Speaker bio: Igal Koshevoy has over a decade of experience as a lead 
software engineer creating companies' flagship applications, and usually 
builds the infrastructure they rely on. He has automated the setup and 
maintenance of hundreds of servers running dozens of OSes for clients 
like Intel and Oracle.

Thanks: Presentation facilities are generously provided by CubeSpace. 
They offer work stations, meeting rooms, and big office amenities to 
people who would otherwise be working from their homes, coffee shops, or 
wherever they can set up their laptops or use their cell phones. 

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