[Pdx-pm] Meeting Tomorrow Night

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Thu May 10 07:42:17 PDT 2007

Here are my notes from last night if any one wants to peek. Also there
was talk of the code from last night being hosted along with the
wiki... so there should be some more complete bits here soon:

notes: 09.05.07 Notes from Austins talk on the Webbie juju

- barcamp: afternoon tea with perl mongers (voieger capital)
  - show up with your shirt on.
  - theres a poster
- news:
  - DOT reader can now load multiple book plugins
- Talk: horray austin.
  - Goal: web apps as a collection of small bits to be collected
  - no plans for it to look good
  - no browser plugins needed, only javascript
  - OHHhh... you can do closures in JS.
  - Look in to jQuery
     - basicly SQL for the DOM
  - interesting idea... tie CSS classes to methods so that you can
address methods to any element on the page.
     - allows for tie-ing of methods to an obj like a class instance.
  - you can use js (in this case jQuery) to build your html buy
append items to the DOM
  - nice you can alias events and then bind them to DOM objects... or
to create 'listners'
     == JQUERY SYNTAX ==
     $obj.bind ('event name', function () {} )
     $obj2.click (function $('class').click)
  - JSON is a data searilzer for javascript objects... pass as nessassary
  - JSON is YAML... YAML is JSON... except for comments
  - Lex your vars... and your 'classes' this allows you to create
seperate elements.

On 5/8/07, The Dread Parrot <scratchcomputing at gmail.com> wrote:
> 6:53pm at FreeGeek -- 1731 SE 10th Ave.
> Austin Schutz - Web 2.1 and the Pursuit of Appyness
>   The hunt for reasonable ways to make web pages perform more like
>   desktop applications. It involves happy buzzwords like web 2.whatever
>   and AJAX and the like. In particular, I'm attempting to provide some
>   hints to structured coding of these apps.
> Bring your friends and your friends' friends.  The answer to web, the
> universe, and everything will be revealed or at least there will be
> beer.
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