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> Date: March 28, 2007 6:17:38 AM PDT
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> Subject: [TREC friends:] Call for Participation in INEX 2007
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> INEX 2007 - Call for participation
> http://inex.is.informatik.uni-duisburg.de/2007/
> Content-oriented XML retrieval has been receiving increasing interest
> fuelled by the widespread use of the eXtensible Markup Language  
> (XML), as a
> standard document format. The continuous growth in XML data sources is
> matched by increasing efforts in the development of XML retrieval  
> systems,
> which aim at exploiting the available structural information in  
> documents to
> implement a more focused retrieval strategy and return document  
> components,
> the so-called XML elements - instead of complete documents - in  
> response to
> a user query. Implementing this, more focused, retrieval paradigm  
> means that
> an XML retrieval system needs not only to find relevant information  
> in the
> XML documents, but also determine the appropriate level of  
> granularity to be
> returned to the user. In addition, the relevance of a retrieved  
> component is
> dependent on meeting both content and structural conditions.
> Evaluating the effectiveness of XML retrieval systems, hence,  
> requires a
> test collection where the relevance assessments are provided  
> according to a
> relevance criterion, which takes into account the imposed structural
> aspects. In 2002, the Initiative for the Evaluation of XML  
> Retrieval (INEX)
> started to address these issues. The aim of the INEX initiative is to
> establish an infrastructure and provide means, in the form of a  
> large XML
> test collection and appropriate scoring methods, for the evaluation of
> content-oriented XML retrieval systems.
> Evaluating retrieval effectiveness is typically done by using test
> collections assembled specifically for evaluating particular retrieval
> tasks. A test collection as such has been built as a result of many  
> rounds
> of INEX (annually since 2002).
> In INEX 2007, participating organizations will be able to compare the
> retrieval effectiveness of their XML retrieval systems and will  
> contribute
> to the construction of a new XML test collection based on the  
> Wikipedia. The
> test collection will also provide participants a means for future
> comparative and quantitative experiments.
> In addition to the main general ad hoc retrieval task, INEX 2007  
> will have
> the following specific tasks:
> 1. Document mining track
> 2. Multimedia
> 3. Entity Ranking
> It will continue with the following tracks that started in previous  
> years:
>   1. Heterogeneous collection track
>   2. Interactive track
> Additional tracks are planned:
>   1. Book Searching
>   2. Document interlinking "Link the Wiki"
> Relevance assessments will be provided by the participating groups  
> using
> INEX's on-line assessment system. Each participating organization  
> will judge
> around 3 topics. Please note that assessments take about one-person  
> 2 days
> per topic! Participating groups will gain access to the completed  
> INEX test
> collection only after they have completed their assessment task. Upon
> completion of the relevance assessments, participants new to INEX  
> can have
> access to the previous years test collections.
> Participants will be able to present their approaches and final  
> results at
> the INEX 2006 workshop to be held in December in Dagstuhl. Revised  
> papers
> will be published in the INEX post-workshop final proceedings. As  
> for INEX
> 2004, 2005, and 2006, we expect the INEX final proceedings to be  
> published
> in the Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.
> Project Leaders: Andrew Trotman, Mounia Lalmas, Norbert Fuhr
> Contact person: Saadia Malik, Zoltan Szlavik
> Wikipedia document collection: Ludovic Denoyer
> Document exploration: Ralf Schenkel, Martin Theobald
> Topic format specification: Birger Larsen, Andrew Trotman
> Task description: Jaap Kamps, Charlie Clarkes
> Online relevance assessment tool: Benjamin Piwowarski
> Effectiveness measures: Gabriella Kazai, Benjamin Piwowarski, Jaap  
> Kamps,
>       Jovan Pehcevski, Stephen Robertson (Adviser), Paul Ogilvie
> (Statistical analysis)
> Document mining track: Ludovic Denoyer, Patrick Gallinari
> Multimedia track: Thijs Westerveld
> Entity search track: Arjen de Vries, Nick Craswell, Mounia Lalmas
> Link the Wiki track: Shlomo Geva, Andrew Trotman
> Book search track: Gabriella Kazai

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