[Pdx-pm] Parrot talk

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 10:11:00 PDT 2007

# from Logan Bell
# on Wednesday 28 March 2007 09:51 am:

>On 3/27/07, chromatic <chromatic at wgz.org> wrote:
>> I can talk about its design, its internals, how to program PIR (its
>> native language), building a language on top of it, and how
>> interoperability works.

>I look forward to all of the topics and will be reserving my seat.
> Maybe just touch on a high overview roadmap of Parrot's development
> timeline/process, for those of us who rarely follow these things.

I agree it should definitely include a bit of a "when we last saw our 
heroes..." catch-up/history lesson, possibly with a few clips of the 
best car chases, reaction-takes that go with the "oh! _You're_ the 
double-agent" reveals, and etc.  Of course, that can't go on too long, 
or those who have been playing the home game will get bored.

I'm interested in the design/internals/PIR, particularly in how Parrot 
is supporting diverse features of multiple languages.  I'm also curious 
about which parts of the perl5 guts are builtin to the parrot guts 
(e.g. the cross-platform exec() acrobatics?, threads?) and which parts 
are implemented in the language layer.

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