[Pdx-pm] browser as kitchen sink?

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Wed Mar 28 01:46:02 PDT 2007

Eric Wilhelm wrote:
>> Eric Wilhelm wrote:
>>> But, then I wonder why we don't just use subversion.  (And,
>>> honestly, I don't like to edit much of anything outside of vim.)  If
>>> the layout engine could play nice with dotReader, a plugin might be
>>> able to serve as a client-side preview tool.  That, or I could get
>>> over my desire to preview and just write everything in unmarked
>>> text.
>> There's the rub.  If you're editing content on your local filesystem
>> and can't see how its going to look rendered until AFTER you push it
>> then you've got a problem.  Its like doing your crossword with a pen.
> Why can't I see how it will look until after I upload it?  Does the 
> server only run on unicorns?
>   http://scratchcomputing.com/svn/misc/trunk/code/perl/bin/reloader2

Didn't we start out with "wikis are too complicated to setup, let's use simple
files on a simple Subversion server" and now everyone has to install the server?!

>> To the "I hate editing in a web browser textarea" folks I say don't
>> downgrade the world you Luddites, GET BETTER TECHNOLOGY!
> A browser is for browsing.

Yeah, and Perl is for extracting and reporting.

But, if you want to put everything in neat little boxes, then you really want
one of those plugins:  MozEx or "Its all text".  They both allow you to edit a
textarea using the external editor of your choice.  Ya know, an editor.  For

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