[Pdx-pm] TWiki as substitute for kwiki?

Ingy dot Net ingy at ingy.net
Tue Mar 27 11:15:09 PDT 2007

On 26/03/07 22:02 -0700, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> Mongers:
> Some weeks back we were engaged in a discussion of replacing the PDX
> Perl Mongers kwiki with something more secure, and I have been looking
> for the same thing for the 5 kwikis I manage.  I was considering MediaWiki
> for a while.   Eric warned us that MediaWiki is poorly written.  It also
> turns out to be large, and dependent on MySQL, and difficult to set up. 
> Tastes bad, more filling.

What do you want out of Kwiki?

Kwiki 2.0 is working better than ever, is again under constant development,
and has a zero dependency install.

I think most importantly in this context, Kwiki isn't just a wiki
written in Perl. It's a wiki that's all about Perl foremost. I'd be sad
to see a pm group leave Kwiki without giving it a fighting chance.

So let me know what you need out of Kwiki. There's a lot of new stuff around
the corner. Let's see if it will help you out.

Cheers, Ingy

> In my somewhat scattered way, I have been learning about TWiki.  That is
> one of the "top 5" wikis, it is written in Perl, and the dependencies
> are pretty simple.  There is a MediaWiki-like WYSIWYG editor for users
> who want such things.  The security is granular.  There is a translator
> from Kwiki to Twiki.  It is skinnable and has lots of plugins available. 
> The configuration is a little complicated (to me at least), and they
> have their own weird terminology for things.  However, the configuration
> variables seem to be inheritance based, so one can set up "webs" and
> "subwebs" that act separately but are configurable from the top.  I have
> a hunch that once I am over the learning curve, I'm going to like TWiki.  
> This matters to pdx.pm because (1) you folks might decide that this
> would be a good migration path for the pdx.pm wiki, and (2) this might
> make an interesting meeting subject. 
> Somebody could slurp the pdx.pm site onto a laptop, and we could
> actually set up TWiki for pdx.pm at the meeting, then upload it to the
> server when we are done.   I assume that what I learn about TWiki over
> the next two weeks will be learned by all of you in about 20 minutes at
> the meeting, so I don't think I would be good at leading the discussion.
> However, I may understand what is being talked about for 15 minutes
> longer than I normally do!
> So, if one or two of you take a look at TWiki, and tell us whether it
> is worth considering or else stinks on ice, it might make be suitable
> for the April 11th topic.
> Keith
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