[Pdx-pm] CPAN problem

Thomas J Keller kellert at ohsu.edu
Fri Mar 16 09:42:14 PDT 2007

Thanks for your help Eric, chromatic and Andy.
I thought "make clean" from within cpan would work. It didn't, but it  
indicated the problem:
cpan> clean Storable
Running clean for module Storable
Running make clean
Distribution seems to have never been unzipped/untarred, nothing done

cpan> install Storable
Storable is up to date (2.15).

So I'd never find the installed library cause they never got  
installed. But the cpan index showed the latest Storable as having  
been installed.

I was able to reinstall Storable using cpan by using the force option  
and that seems to have done the trick, at least now my kwiki wikis  
are working. (upgraded to kwiki2 in the process)

But I still don't find a storable.dylib or storable.so file anywhere. ??
sudo find / -iname storable.dylib -print
catinthehat:~ kellert$ !459
sudo find / -iname storable.so -print
catinthehat:~ kellert$
Nothing with those names. But Storable is presumably working  
correctly, at least as far as is needed by kwiki.

thanks again,
Tom K

On Mar 15, 2007, at 11:15 PM, Eric Wilhelm wrote:

> # from chromatic
> # on Thursday 15 March 2007 10:32 pm:
>> That's not the problem; the problem is that DynaLoader finds an old
>> Storable.so (or whatever it is on Mac OS X) somewhere in an auto/  
>> path
>> before the new Storable.so.
> Right.  So just...
>   strace perl -e 'use Storable' 2>&1 | grep Storable\.so
> Right?  Oops, it's a mac.  Never could figure out that ktrace thing.
>   find $(perl -le 'print join("\n", map({"$_/auto/"} @INC));'
>     ) -name 'Storable.dylib'
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