[Pdx-pm] Perl job with OpenSourcery

Brian Jamison brian at opensourcery.com
Thu Jun 21 17:50:33 PDT 2007

I think this fits within the acceptable guidelines.  If not please let
me know.

OpenSourcery is looking for a software developer experienced with object
oriented design, web applications and reliable development methods
including version control, unit testing, automated testing and
deployment processes. You should have a solid understanding of the
challenges specific to web applications, the inherently stateless nature
of HTTP, the typical security issues, common scaling issues involving
load balancing of web/database servers for an application, and the
applicability of MVC architecture and of AJAX.

The primary qualification for this position is an interest in creative
problem solving. OpenSourcery does a lot of custom development which
requires us to evaluate a client's problem domain, scope a solution and
build it incrementally with feedback.  Specifically we need the
following skills:

Platforms: *nix
Languages: Perl5, Javascript, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, plus real development
experience with at least one other language (Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, C,
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL
Frameworks/APIs: Template::Toolkit, AJAX, one or more unit testing
frameworks (Test::More, JUnit...), one or more acceptance testing
frameworks for webapps (Selenium, WWW::Mechanize, JWebUnit, etc...)
Tools: one or more source control systems, Make, common Unix
command line tools, psql, mysql, a programmer's editor or IDEs, ssh, one
or more debuggers/profilers
Skills: Perl-OO, CPAN, regular expressions, shell scripting, estimation,
project collaboration

Any of the following are desirable: Apache2, mod-perl, Subversion,
experience with other web application frameworks and ORMs, database

Please provide us with a current resume and two work samples exercised
with test code. Please include a short summary with each work sample
which explains how you feel it is relevant to your qualifications.


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