[Pdx-pm] No recruiters, please?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Mon Jun 18 16:36:14 PDT 2007

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Wilhelm <scratchcomputing at gmail.com> writes:

Eric> Well, sort of.  I think any objections to a given recruiter means they 
Eric> can find their own venue whether they've got beer or not.  Thus, 
Eric> they're still in the "better ask first" category, (rather than some 
Eric> random recruiter showing up and expecting to get the floor to recruit 
Eric> for doTnet jobs just because they bought us a five pack.)

We'd also not want 10 recruiters all showing up the same night, providing
enough food and drink to feed a small army, only to consume 30 minutes of
otherwise valuable python-bashing time. :)

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