[Pdx-pm] No recruiters, please?

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Mon Jun 18 12:21:50 PDT 2007

Amy, thanks much for writing the recruitment policy, sounds good to me.  
I agree with what I think Austin and Randal were saying.  Coincidently, 
I happen to have a test case handy.  So treat the following as a request 
from a long standing member and shower me with opprobrium if it breaks 
our unwritten law:

I'm working for a local non-profit that is looking for a full-time 
sysadmin, someone who is able to communicate with other staff and 
understand the organization's goals (a non-BOFHish BOFH, if you will), 
who can work with (yuck) M$ Exchange, and who has moderate to strong 
video/streaming fu.  If you are or know of such a person, please contact 
me offlist.

Jeff (aka jZed)

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